Pencil cases, purses, lunchboxes, pouches and other small containers are often decorated with Engrish to give them a modern look.

Fortunate for all… except the sheep.

posted on 2 Nov 2017 in Containers


Photo courtesy of Melissa McMillan.
Plastic food case from Japan.

Use the garbage bins for the garbage bins…

posted on 23 Apr 2017 in Chinglish, Containers


Photo courtesy of Randolph Happe.
Found at Gulin Airport in China.

Must… remove… horniness…

posted on 28 Jan 2017 in Containers, Toiletries


Photo courtesy of MM.

Poor Brian…

posted on 9 Aug 2016 in Bags/Packaging, Containers


Photo courtesy of Ron DeVille.

Sanctioned Misanthropy

posted on 27 Feb 2016 in Containers


No, we don’t recycle nonconformists.

Photo courtesy of Alexei Stephenson.
Found at Kyoto train station, Japan.

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