Drinks make up a big part of the Engrish experience. In Japan, there are about 10 vending machines per capita (well, almost 10), and you can see the latest drinks just by walking the streets. Titles change by the season so there is always a good supply.

Better than truth serum

posted on 2 Nov 2005 in Drinks, Vending Machines

Because you can’t trust tea…


Photo courtesy of Steve Calkins.

Mine all Mine

posted on 2 Aug 2005 in Drinks

100% mine!


Photo courtesy of ‘Macca & Thomo’.

Calpis Water

posted on 26 May 2004 in Drinks

Happiness is best served cold…

Salty Cat and What…?

posted on 24 May 2004 in Drinks

…with the fizz from 17 monkeys in every can!


Photo courtesy of Brian Masshardt.

Beer Choco

posted on 3 Feb 2004 in Candy/Gum, Drinks

Just the thing to wash down my beef gum…


Photo courtesy of Randy Schmidt.

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