Drinks make up a big part of the Engrish experience. In Japan, there are about 10 vending machines per capita (well, almost 10), and you can see the latest drinks just by walking the streets. Titles change by the season so there is always a good supply.

Lethargically Ground

posted on 7 Aug 2006 in Drinks

When life seems too good…


posted on 9 May 2006 in Drinks

WIll this cover my sweat equity?


Photo courtesy of Jason Camp.

No Carbs!

posted on 11 Apr 2006 in Drinks

Fewer calories than regular water…


Photo courtesy of Kazuo Kobayashi.

Can’t Go Without Them

posted on 13 Mar 2006 in Drinks

I’m assuming that you are addicted to caffeine too…

Photo courtesy of Bethan Morris.

Pic of a vending machine. 

Puddles Everywhere…

posted on 27 Jan 2006 in Drinks

I’ll wait until they tame it…


Photo courtesy of Mark Schreiber.

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