Engrish Leftovers

Engrish Leftovers are examples that just aren’t that funny to the webmaster, but have been sent in to Engrish.com on numerous occassions or have been featured on Engrish.com in the past. You may find a couple to be entertaining here or there…

Pay attention–it’s a lot of important.

posted on 17 Aug 2017 in Engrish Leftovers, Stationery


Photo courtesy of Bridget Maret.
Found on notebook cover in S. Korea.

Grease is the word…

posted on 16 Aug 2007 in Engrish Leftovers

Taking hair to new heights…


Not Engrish, but I had to share this!

Photo courtesy of Jenika McCrain.

Greaser found in Harajuku, Tokyo. 

Beer Pub Hof

posted on 26 Feb 2004 in Engrish Leftovers

 I hate needy drunks…


Photo courtesy of Darren Ferguson.

Pub sign found in Seoul, Korea. 

Wasabi Peas

posted on 7 Oct 2002 in Engrish Leftovers


Vitamin Drink

posted on 6 Oct 2002 in Engrish Leftovers


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