Household Items

Supplies for the home are another source of Engrish – even paper cups are not immune.

For glorious reading

posted on 11 Apr 2014 in Chinglish, Household Items

Confucius say: reading without light strain an eye.

Photo courtesy of I.T.

It’s Alive!

posted on 6 Jan 2014 in Household Items

I think I just saw that knob move…




Photo courtesy of Grisnak.
Originally posted Aug. 3, 2005. 

Comes with a savory filling

posted on 28 Dec 2013 in Household Items

The only camera that holds up to cold butter…

Even Christmas is better with bacon!

posted on 21 Dec 2013 in Household Items

Oh bacon, is there any holiday you can’t fix?

Photo courtesy of Claire Mancha.
Imported from China.  

Dental Pecker

posted on 14 Dec 2013 in Household Items, Toiletries

Photo courtesy of Mike Truscott.
Spotted in Tokyo, Japan. 

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