Household Items

Supplies for the home are another source of Engrish – even paper cups are not immune.

Weili air outlet

posted on 9 Nov 2013 in Household Items

Mom! Jimmy put Junior in the outlet!

Photo courtesy of  Darko Dujmović.

Hope it was a cold shower

posted on 29 Oct 2013 in Household Items

Photo courtesy of Steve.
Found in Taiwan (made in Japan). 

Try the old milk

posted on 21 Sep 2013 in Household Items

Mold extra…

Photo courtesy of Nora Stevens Heath.
Found at cafe in Kyoto, Japan. 

Yeah, I needed a thing…

posted on 23 Jun 2013 in Household Items

Photo courtesy of Adam Redmond.
Scrub brush found in Okinawa, Japan. 

Kitchen Field

posted on 21 May 2013 in Household Items

Wonderful?!  You’re frying your unborn son!

Photo courtesy of Steve Fox.
Bottom of skillet found in Japan. 

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