Basting is the key

posted on 25 May 2015 in Chinglish, Menus


It takes a village to cook a child.

Photo courtesy of Emily Wilcox.
Menu found in Hong Kong. 

Can I get the Lipitor dressing on the side?

posted on 21 May 2015 in Chinglish, Menus

Oh good, they have the Kung Pao Prozac!

Photo courtesy of Megan Liu.
Found in China.  

It ain’t easy being green.

posted on 16 May 2015 in Chinglish, Menus

She turned green with envy. Then we ate her.

Photo courtesy of Paul Cedar.
Found in Li Jiang, China. 

Helles yeah!

posted on 13 May 2015 in Menus

Does this mug make me look fat?

Photo courtesy of M.N.
Found in Japan. 

I gave that meal a 7.2 on the Richter scale.

posted on 5 May 2015 in Chinglish, Menus

I said more MSG, not TNT.

Photo courtesy of David Mallin.
Found in Shanghai, China. 

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