Mmm for that Eulopean flavor!

posted on 19 Jan 2018 in Menus


Photo courtesy of Kerstin Haring.
Found in Tokyo, Japan. 

Sharp taste…

posted on 11 Jan 2018 in Chinglish, Menus


Photo courtesy of Emmanuel Baccara.
Found in Hong Kong.

They’re follicly delicious!

posted on 19 Dec 2017 in Chinglish, Menus


You get chopsticks and a comb.

Photo courtesy of Ted R.
Found in China.

A little peasant sweat on the side

posted on 15 Dec 2017 in Chinglish, Menus


Trying to watch my peasant carbs…

Photo courtesy of Tony G.
Found in China.

The juice is terrible.

posted on 10 Dec 2017 in Chinglish, Menus


Now try these wet French fries…

Photo courtesy of Dorothy M.
Found in China.

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