Eating at the beach…

posted on 29 Aug 2016 in Menus, Signs


Wich available on request.

Photo courtesy of Voytec S.
Spotted in Sapporo, Japan. 

Drink & Food

posted on 28 Aug 2016 in Menus


Photo courtesy of Paul Roddick.
Restaurant menu found in Okinawa, Japan. 

It’s not a tumor

posted on 26 Aug 2016 in Menus


Great…now I need faux chemotherapy.

Photo courtesy of Andy Balk.
Found at a buffet in Matsue, Japan. 

You want to eat normal, don’t you?

posted on 11 Aug 2016 in Menus


May I suggest the conventional wine?

Photo courtesy of Sharon Dooley.
Menu found in Japan. 

Mmm a frame roast…

posted on 8 Aug 2016 in Engrish from Other Countries, Menus


Eat, No.

Photo courtesy of Stephen Michael Fein.
Found in Phuket, Thailand. 

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