Japanese music artists, bands and their lyrics often come in bizarre Engrish forms.

Featuring “Lucy ib the Ski wiph Diamonds”

posted on 13 Dec 2018 in Chinglish, Music

Photo courtesy of “Blessingster”.
Found in Taiwan. 

The real is not sweet

posted on 12 Feb 2018 in Music


Photo courtesy of Alexandra Gruszczyk.
Found in Japan.

With Ringo Simmons!

posted on 2 Dec 2016 in Clothing, Music


Without the makeup they look a lot like…

Photo courtesy of Mary Ann Wincorkowski.
T-shirt found in Chennai, India.

Not as good as the Best of Cleam.

posted on 6 Nov 2016 in Engrish from Other Countries, Music


Featuring “Ray Down Sarry”

Photo courtesy of Tara Vacanti.
Record found in Korea. 

Won’t be rong now!

posted on 4 Jul 2016 in Music


Photo courtesy of Chas Mannell.
Found on “Best of Rocky” LP released in Japan.

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