Japanese music artists, bands and their lyrics often come in bizarre Engrish forms.

See you at 8 O’Cloak

posted on 18 Mar 2011 in Music

Yeah, we play mostly Roak-n-Roall…

Photo courtesy of Aaron Fournier.

Do you still love me?

posted on 25 Jan 2008 in Music

But not in that order…


Photo courtesy of Murray Hill.

Only for her

posted on 2 Sep 2006 in Music


Photo courtesy of Kristoffer Lindmark.

Music CD from Japan.

DVD Jacket

posted on 26 May 2005 in Music

Nope, definitely not my world…


Photo courtesy of “tiffy’.

DVD of Japanese music band “Kinki Kids”.

TDK Mini Disc

posted on 23 Sep 2004 in Music

Thanks for the downer, TDK…


Photo courtesy of ‘Amen’.

Above ‘Engrish’ is not really Engrish,

but a poem by Wordsworth!

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