Signs and posters are some of the easiest places to find Engrish in Japan. Expect this category to grow even more as time goes by.

Wen nature calls…

posted on 20 May 2019 in Signs

Photo courtesy of Vladimir Tamari.
Found in Tokyo. 

The bad mood greens

posted on 19 May 2019 in Chinglish, Signs

Photo courtesy of Alec Dubro.

Not now—too busy loitering.

posted on 16 May 2019 in Engrish from Other Countries, Signs

Wait, the small print says paid for by park cleaners union…

Photo courtesy of Sean Snider.
Found in Thailand. 

I’m gonna need a bigger spoon…

posted on 15 May 2019 in Chinglish, Signs

We’re all out of pool noodles.

Photo courtesy of Estelle Divorne.

A woody life can be hard…

posted on 5 May 2019 in Signs

Photo courtesy of Brian Rubrecht.
Found in Nagoya, Japan. 

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