Signs and posters are some of the easiest places to find Engrish in Japan. Expect this category to grow even more as time goes by.

I have a neck, can I use the theater?

posted on 13 Jun 2015 in Instructions, Signs

I’m becoming pregnant right now.

Photo courtesy of Jean-Marc Leguerrier.
Found at the Osaka maritime museum.

Not fast food…

posted on 12 Jun 2015 in Chinglish, Signs


Photo courtesy of Gao Laoshi.
Found in China. 

Hey, I’m into hills.

posted on 9 Jun 2015 in Signs


Photo courtesy of Terrence McClinton.
Sign found in Japan. 

casual food & drink

posted on 8 Jun 2015 in Signs


Looks and/or tastes good.

Photo courtesy of Liz Gorda.
Found in Koriyama, Japan. 

River water drown be careful.

posted on 4 Jun 2015 in Chinglish, Signs


Your barge has been mean to my smart car.

Photo courtesy of Carol Gardin.
Found on a ferry from Hong Kong to Macau.

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