Signs and posters are some of the easiest places to find Engrish in Japan. Expect this category to grow even more as time goes by.

Gut cheese?

posted on 30 Aug 2018 in Signs

Gut over here!

Photo courtesy of Jeff Tsai
(Having trouble posting new images to the site,
so I am reposting some old forgotten Engrish.
This was originally posted July 9, 2000.)

This isn’t rice… these are tears!

posted on 20 Aug 2018 in Menus, Signs


I eat it every mourning.

Photo courtesy of Adam Yavner.
Found in Japan. 

We’re swollen with pride!

posted on 16 Aug 2018 in Engrish from Other Countries, Signs


It’s a nice joint…

Photo courtesy of Trent Rowe.
Spotted in Korea.

Every rose has its thorn.

posted on 15 Aug 2018 in Signs


Photo courtesy of Todd Grant.
Found in Japan. 

Educational that it is involved!

posted on 14 Aug 2018 in Signs


Growing body parts will be trimmed…

Photo courtesy of Ted Vogt.
Found in Japan.

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