Cookies, crackers, chips – Japan’s convenience stores are filled with great tasting, albeit strangely named, snacks. Only problem is just when you think you have found the perfect snack, they take it off of the market.

It makes me be diabetic.

posted on 8 Sep 2015 in Snacks


Is there nothing milk cookie can’t fix?

Photo courtesy of Lianne Brennan.
Found in Hakone, Japan.

Omnisciently delicious!

posted on 29 Jun 2015 in Chinglish, Snacks

Powerful good!

The secret is in the saurce

posted on 12 Apr 2015 in Signs, Snacks

Light skinned Monjya Man ‘passed’ as candy for years.

Photo courtesy of Ben Jacobs-Swearingen.
Found in Japan.  

Said the.

posted on 11 Mar 2015 in Chinglish, Snacks

Photo courtesy of Rob Schorr.
Taken in Malaysia – Mandarin Orange from China.

When potato chips attack!

posted on 5 Nov 2014 in Chinglish, Signs, Snacks

This gummy worm has a real bite to it…

Photo courtesy of Albert Cañigueral.
Found in Taiwan. 

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