This is still a relatively untapped Engrish market – the Japanese love to decorate stationery, quite often with some far out Engrish.

The sledding was delighted.

posted on 3 Mar 2014 in Stationery

The snow was not.

Photo courtesy of Glowrm.
Postcard found in Japan. 

Gifts in kind

posted on 27 Dec 2013 in Stationery

For your little prick

Felt craft item “mascot”.
Found in Japan. 

Best wisher

posted on 26 Dec 2013 in Stationery

Hello, this is relative. Let’s remember.

Glad this didn’t get into the wrong hands…

posted on 22 Oct 2013 in Chinglish, Stationery

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Shupe.
Stationery found in China. 

Like nobody’s busimess!

posted on 5 Oct 2013 in Stationery

You won’t find a better vogue syncronous…

Photo courtesy of Rachael Miller. 

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