This is still a relatively untapped Engrish market – the Japanese love to decorate stationery, quite often with some far out Engrish.

Top that, Man’s Best Friend.

posted on 10 Dec 2015 in Stationery


She gave me fleas…

Photo courtesy of Whitney Woycheshen.
Found at dollar store in Canada (likely imported from East Asia). 

As good as the real thing.

posted on 21 Nov 2015 in Engrish from Other Countries, Stationery


Photo courtesy of Karen Ladouceur.
Stationery found in Korea.

You miss turn

posted on 3 Sep 2015 in Stationery


Here map.

Photo courtesy of Ini.
Stationery found in Tokyo.

Let me thought you

posted on 5 Aug 2015 in Stationery


I looked corner — try desk.

Photo courtesy of Katie Morris.
Stationery found in Bangkok, Thailand.

Funny Skydiving

posted on 18 Jul 2015 in Stationery


Photo courtesy of Belle Philibosian.
Found on the front cover of a blank notebook.

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