Japanese toys have an international following and are renowned for their quality – some for their Engrish.

Diverse Electric-Car

posted on 24 Jun 2014 in Chinglish, Toys

Have a driveway moment for youself

Photo courtesy of Lieudog. 

…and that’s where Funny Girl came from

posted on 19 Jun 2014 in Toys

Photo courtesy of M.N.

Good outlooking

posted on 13 Apr 2014 in Toys

Because kids aren’t annoying enough…

Photo courtesy of Tanya Kenworthy-Mosher.


posted on 6 Apr 2014 in Toys

Be still my pooping heart…

Photo courtesy of Beth Whales.
Toy stethoscope found in doctor costume set. 

Is that lame’s wool?

posted on 13 Jan 2014 in Toys

An elephone never forgets… phone numbers?

Photo courtesy of Brontë Hock. 

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