Japanese toys have an international following and are renowned for their quality – some for their Engrish.

What about power?

posted on 24 Jan 2016 in Chinglish, Toys


How does is it do against Kardashians?

Photo courtesy o Gaetan Gireme.

If you fun yourself you’ll go blind.

posted on 3 Jan 2016 in Toys


I’m gonna need a little bigger fun.

Photo courtesy of Garrett Ouellette.

Me think good deal.

posted on 19 Sep 2015 in Bags/Packaging, Toys


Photo courtesy of Jonathan Hammon.
Toys made in China, found in Oman.

You can’t better than!

posted on 17 Jul 2015 in Toys


Because choices.

Photo courtesy of Magnus Bjerner
Fake McQueen toy car package. 

Collect all 6 bullets!

posted on 11 Jul 2015 in Toys


*sigh* mine only goes bang.

Photo courtesy of Kyle Dubois.

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