Japanese toys have an international following and are renowned for their quality – some for their Engrish.

Issue your children fun today!

posted on 30 Jan 2019 in Toys

Press the American car for road rage sounds…

Photo courtesy of Matt H.

Can I get a cup that’s not so snarky?

posted on 26 Jun 2018 in Chinglish, Toys


I think I’ll put this on the.

Photo courtesy of David Tilley.
Toy box from China. 

Infinite fun is all my child has left…

posted on 8 May 2018 in Chinglish, Toys


The store that this is pricey!

Photo courtesy of Sean McVey.
Toy from China. 

Please be welcome.

posted on 18 Apr 2018 in Toys


Can you press button a little faster?

Photo courtesy of Matthew Waitt.

Tea Time, aisle 4…

posted on 21 Dec 2017 in Chinglish, Toys


Kids will have funny for hours…

Photo courtesy of A.P.

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