Vending Machines

Robot layoffs!

posted on 27 Jun 2016 in Chinglish, Drinks, Vending Machines


Will vend for food…

Photo courtesy of Michael Smith.
Found in Shanghai, China.

It can be nothing else.

posted on 16 Nov 2015 in Vending Machines


Let’s thirst.

Photo courtesy of George Maroudis.
Found in Japan. 

A chief does not have…

posted on 12 Jul 2015 in Vending Machines


Just put that thing away.

Photo courtesy of Ben Distel.
Found on drink vending machine in Japan. 

Glory Model

posted on 28 Oct 2014 in Vending Machines, Video Games

Ya know, it IS pretty soft to look at…

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Giles.
Change machine found at video arcade in Hiroshima, Japan. 

What a waste of money, I haven’t cut one all day…

posted on 11 Sep 2010 in Chinglish, Vending Machines

I got an arm!

Photo courtesy of Thomas Doyle.
Found in Taichung, Taiwan.

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