Vending Machines

I think I’ll pass this time…

posted on 31 Mar 2008 in Vending Machines

Try to avoid the brown ones…


Photo courtesy of Jon Bailey.

Found at Meiji Shrine, Tokyo. 

I’m tired of it already…

posted on 11 Feb 2008 in Vending Machines

You’ll be up but won’t really care…


Photo courtesy of Robert Day.

Vending machine found in Tokyo.

Tired of Frank’s crap?

posted on 23 Jan 2006 in Vending Machines

It’s the only way to get Frank’s attention…


Photo courtesy of Jarrod O’Sullivan.

Better than truth serum

posted on 2 Nov 2005 in Drinks, Vending Machines

Because you can’t trust tea…


Photo courtesy of Steve Calkins.

Vending machine of few words

posted on 9 Jul 2004 in Vending Machines

I guess two will do…


Photo courtesy of Michael Chludenski

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