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All Your Base.. aside, there are quite a number of older video games containing Engrish that were sent in over the past few years.

Reality not unlike our own…

posted on 11 Jul 2007 in Video Games


Photo courtesy of Erik V.

Video game package. 

Or else!

posted on 19 Jun 2007 in Signs, Video Games

Photo courtesy of Josh Bashara.
Found in video game shop in Shizuoka, Japan.

Bad Situation

posted on 18 Mar 2004 in Video Games

This just urines me off…


Photo courtesy of Tom Waterhouse.

From the game: ‘SNK vs Capcom’ for

the Neo Geo Pocket Color.

Tamagochi Message

posted on 2 Sep 2003 in Video Games

 Flashing doesn’t give me much time…


(from the Gameboy version of Tamagotchi)


Photo courtesy of Larisa Z.

Over a Jungle

posted on 7 Jul 2003 in Video Games

Well it does get hot in Brazil…


Photo courtesy of Mike Mirabal 

Taken from the videogame AeroWings 2

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