Video Games

All Your Base.. aside, there are quite a number of older video games containing Engrish that were sent in over the past few years.

Over a Jungle

posted on 7 Jul 2003 in Video Games

Well it does get hot in Brazil…


Photo courtesy of Mike Mirabal 

Taken from the videogame AeroWings 2

Battle Rangers

posted on 11 Apr 2003 in Video Games

You think its too late for the UN to get involved?


(Taken from the video game ‘Battle Rangers’)


Photo courtesy of Daniel Stone.

10 Yard Fight

posted on 9 Oct 2002 in Video Games

1983 Irem video game ’10 Yard Fight’.

Game levels are called High-school, College

and Pro. This message comes after beating Pro.


Photo courtesy of Tec.

Samurai Showdown

posted on 8 Oct 2002 in Video Games

From Samurai Showdown 4 for Neo Geo.

Nothing like claiming Victoly! 


Photo courtesy of Carlos E. Bustamante.


posted on 7 Oct 2002 in Video Games

Supposed to be Ultimate Fighting Championship.


Photo courtesy of Collin Williamson.

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