May 14th, 2002

Keep out of Children

Warning duly noted… 


Photo courtesy of Chris Ellerbeck.

May 6th, 2002

Please reftain

I am not sure about this bathroom…


(Japanese text reads:

‘please do not carry unpurchased items into the restroom’) 


Photo courtesy of Andrew Bowyer.

April 14th, 2002

Help Yourself

Now what do I really want?


Photo courtesy of Brian Troy.

April 7th, 2002

Non-Stop Fright

‘Non Stop Fright’ – I hope its just the in-flight movie… 


Photo courtesy of Craig Everton.

March 18th, 2002

Indoor Outdoor Use Only

What? Only indoors and outdoors?


(Taken from a string of decorative lights) 


Photo courtesy of Matt Newcomb.

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