August 13th, 2000

No Smorking

What? No smorking?!


Photo courtesy of David Flack.

July 25th, 2000

Woody Home

At last, a home for my woody….

(This picture was taken from actual women’s

underwear found in a mall in Osaka, Japan.)


Photo courtesy of Collin Williamson.

July 17th, 2000

Flesh Juice

So let me get this straight – there’s no Alcool in the Flesh Juice?


Photo courtesy of Jonathan W. Anderson.

July 9th, 2000

Favorite Gut

I wish I had a favorite gut….


Photo courtesy of Jeff Tsai

May 10th, 2000

Hard off

Now these guys know how to sell…


(Note: Hard-Off is actually a chain of

stores that recycle and sell old computer

hardware and audio/video equipment –

the ‘hard’ stuff. ‘Off’ is supposed to

mean ‘sale’.)

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