October 4th, 1996

Little Pocky

When I was small, I had a Little Pocky…

Now I have a Men’s Pocky…


Small print: ‘Crispy pretzel dipped in dark

chocolate for the intelligent connoisseur 

who enjoys the finer points in life.’

September 27th, 1996


‘Nippless’ – for those most embarrasing moments
(such as T-shirt time).

Photo of inside package – basically band-aids for the bust.


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September 23rd, 1996

Naive Shampoo

So do you rinse with Evian? 


Photo copyright Engrish.com

September 10th, 1996

BM Coffee

I am afraid to look at the ingredients…


(BM most often stands for ‘bowel movement’)

August 16th, 1996

Strong Punch

For those who can take it in the jaw…


Photo copyright Engrish.com

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