September 3rd, 2000

Nissan Terrano 2

I think that Nissan is promising too much here…

August 29th, 2000

Fack You

Boy,  I feel threatened…


Photo courtesy of Torey & Richel Olsen.

August 21st, 2000

Bear Cushion 1

Touching words from a bear that wants to be clean (sometimes…)


Photo courtesy of Collin Williamson.

August 13th, 2000

No Smorking

What? No smorking?!


Photo courtesy of David Flack.

July 25th, 2000

Woody Home

At last, a home for my woody….

(This picture was taken from actual women’s

underwear found in a mall in Osaka, Japan.)


Photo courtesy of Collin Williamson.

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