May 23rd, 2003

All Yellow?


Photo courtesy of David Chiddo.

From a child’s t-shirt found in Japan.

May 22nd, 2003

Trash Can

(Taken at Tokyo Disneyland. This is actually

Engrish imported from the US – there

are a number of reported ‘Waste Please’

trash cans at Disneyland and Disney World.) 


Photo courtesy of Steve Yamakami.

May 21st, 2003

Hair Shop

Apparently God only has 5 years experience with hair…


Photo courtesy of Brandon Dawe.

May 20th, 2003

Special Friend

Is this relationship kosher?


(Stationery from Korea) 


Photo courtesy of Manu & Marq.

May 19th, 2003


Cuntry road, take me home…’

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