March 13th, 2003

Wao Cube

I still don’t get the wao factor…


Photo courtesy of Ryan Hines.

March 12th, 2003

Sinatra CD Label

What was Frank taking at the time?


Photo courtesy of Shai Shahar.

March 11th, 2003

Pachinko Sign

What hell indeed… 


Photo courtesy of Keith Collazo.

March 10th, 2003

Sign of the Incas

Can someone tell me how to contact these Incas?


(From a fire exit map in a Kumamoto, Japan hotel room)


Photo courtesy of Jenny Fielden.

March 7th, 2003

Burger Sign

Excuse me, my chicken burger tastes like watered down mouse….


(From a burger place in Seoul, Korea)


Photo courtesy of L. Olcott.

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