November 4th, 1997

Art of Hot

The Art of Hot

Side by side, I’ll be yours forever.

Because please don’t weep.

Paper cup found in Japan.
Photo copyright

August 23rd, 1997


It’s good to know that Hoxy cares about my life with paper.


(Taken from the side of a tissue paper box)

July 10th, 1997

Booing Fireman Gum


July 7th, 1997

Booing Aquaman



Photo copyright

June 23rd, 1997

Fruit Message

I never really knew why I loved fruit – it must be that whiff of oxygen!



Not only is the Engrish bizarre,

but it was found in a totally illogical

environment – on the outside of a photo

envelope (from a photo processing shop)) 


Photo courtesy of Todson and Jennifer Page.

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