December 10th, 2001

Pumpkin Poo

Proudly selling pumpkin by-product since 1996! 


Photo courtesy of Tom Pascente.

December 3rd, 2001

Good Pot

Good Pot


(Taken from a plastic container)

November 23rd, 2001

Come on my House

 What ever happened to ‘make yourself at home’?

(Note: Many have written in suggesting
that this may originate from the Rosemary
Clooney song ‘C’mon a My House’, but I believe
this to be incorrect. ‘Come on my…..’
is a common error in translation – similar
instances can be seen with examples such as
‘Come on my country’, etc.)

Photo courtesy of Jeff Groom.

November 16th, 2001


Don Don needs love too…


(Taken from a grocery bag.) 


Photo courtesy of Ashley Paige.

November 3rd, 2001

I Hate Myself and I Want to Die

I think the rainbow motif really sets the mood here…



Photo courtesy of Paul Gilbert.
(NOTE: many have written in
saying that ‘I hate myself and I want to die’
may have been taken from a Nirvana song.)

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