March 2nd, 2014

If you can’t join’er…

Photo courtesy of Magda Kitano.
Found in Saitama, Japan. 

March 1st, 2014

Don’t harsh my mellow, shoot me

Thanks, dude.

Photo courtesy of Emily White.
T-shirt found in Japan. 

February 28th, 2014

I always leave her behind…

JFK – just forget kids…

Photo courtesy of Tony Belanger.
Clothing store found in Tokyo, Japan.  

February 27th, 2014

Long long ago…

No! Not the troubles!

Photo courtesy of Francisco Toledo Correa.
From an old Samurai Showdown II arcade machine. 

February 26th, 2014

I was looking for a magnetism address…

Do you have exquisite article?

Photo courtesy of Ali Ezzeddine.
Found in Yiwu, China.

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