August 23rd, 1997


It’s good to know that Hoxy cares about my life with paper.


(Taken from the side of a tissue paper box)

July 10th, 1997

Booing Fireman Gum


July 7th, 1997

Booing Aquaman



Photo copyright

June 23rd, 1997

Fruit Message

I never really knew why I loved fruit – it must be that whiff of oxygen!



Not only is the Engrish bizarre,

but it was found in a totally illogical

environment – on the outside of a photo

envelope (from a photo processing shop)) 


Photo courtesy of Todson and Jennifer Page.

June 15th, 1997

Palnap Tissue

PALNAP – the ‘feeling’ tissue paper.


(taken from side of tissue paper box) 

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