April 1st, 1997

Manila Envelope Seal

(Taken from a manila envelope package)

March 23rd, 1997

Best Bread Message

Taken from a bakery bag. 

Caption as follows:
‘Our little friend ‘Tomte’ use magical secret-power fro delicious BREAD that,
Well enjoy in next morning. Children who living in NORTHERN EUROPE tell
us secret that just baken BREAD. YES ……….TOMTE’s secret. HOKUO as.
BREAD country SAPPORO is very similar with TOMTE’s land.’

(NOTE: Tomte is the name for Santa Claus
in Sweden. I know this because countless
Swedish people have written in to tell me.
Others from Norway insist that Tomte is
an elf or gnome. Finally, the Finnish insist that
‘Tomte’ is more like Santa’s little helper. Thanks guys.)

March 15th, 1997

My Fannie


Photo courtesy of Todson and Jennifer Page

March 1st, 1997




Photo copyright Engrish.com

February 18th, 1997

Pickle EX

So wait, it’s an ‘ex-Bourbon stick chocolate’ Lemon Milk
flavored Pickle?? Or was that a Bourbon Pickle with
Lemon Milk filling? But where does the ‘chocolate’ part come in?
Somebody please explain.


Photo copyright Engrish.com

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