May 10th, 2018

Darn, I got billed for personality…


The California Raisins finally hit rock bottom…

Photo courtesy of Shienyo Hong.
T-shirt found in Taiwan. 

May 9th, 2018

Wood you buy a car from him?


Got a car from a bad beaver once…

Photo courtesy of Shane Krumeich.
Found in Japan. 

May 8th, 2018

Infinite fun is all my child has left…


The store that this is pricey!

Photo courtesy of Sean McVey.
Toy from China. 

May 7th, 2018

We use only top quality hitch


Receive your wind… of which Marron Chocolat.

Photo courtesy of Sam Hutchison.
Found in Japan. 

May 6th, 2018

I try to avoid drama with tear.


Eve ybody leaves a special life except me…

Photo courtesy of Ryan Thorn.
Sign from pachinko parlor found in Japan. 

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