August 5th, 2016

I’m afraid that we are in Subtle Anxiety season…


Photo courtesy of David Wieder.
Spotted on the subway in Korea.

August 4th, 2016

Please accept my warm prompt.


Hey, we’re trying to creating a pretty!

Photo courtesy of T.S.
Spotted in China. 

August 3rd, 2016

You said you wanted something strong.


…and then we fermented it for a month…

Photo courtesy of Tom Quarmby.
Tea from Japan. 

August 2nd, 2016

It’s new-fungled.


Absolutely no dunger to little kids.

Photo courtesy of Thomas Southerton.
Hanger from Japan. 

August 1st, 2016

Next to Preppy Boy


Photo courtesy of Solomon Yuyitung.
Found in Quangzhou, China. 

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