August 20th, 2009

And now I am back on the streets…

Photo courtesy of Ron Scott.
Spotted in Japan.

August 19th, 2009

It only hurts when I laugh…

Grin and tear it…

Photo courtesy of Daniel Radetic.
“Smile Cutter” from Morning Glory stationery company.

August 18th, 2009


Security belts will take you to an undisclosed
location where you will be scattered further…

Photo courtesy of “Muddy”.
Sign at hotel in Guangzhou, China.

August 17th, 2009

You know, we’re just pretending…

Photo courtesy of Kenneth Burchfiel.
Sign on side of car for personal nursing assistance.

August 16th, 2009

Do you think she’s into me?

Found on children’s t-shirt in Tokyo.
Photo copyright

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