May 31st, 2005

A Natural Feeling

Oh, it’s good to be a woman…


Photo courtesy of Dennis de Lang.

Pic of a pajama label found in Japan.

May 30th, 2005

I am Buzz Rightyear, I come in peace…

Welcome to the finar frontier…


Photo courtesy of Kathleen O’Neill.

Pic of a float found in Tokyo Disneyland.

May 27th, 2005

A Real BBQ

Real ribs every time…


Photo courtesy of Justin Barrass.

Restaurant sign found in Korea. 

May 26th, 2005

DVD Jacket

Nope, definitely not my world…


Photo courtesy of “tiffy’.

DVD of Japanese music band “Kinki Kids”.

May 25th, 2005

Message from God

God breath us, everyone!


Photo courtesy of Volker Herminghaus.

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