September 7th, 2004

Highness Feeling

That luggage is filled with $300,000…

September 6th, 2004

Gloomy Bear

Help, someone was attacked by that naughty adult bear!


Photo courtesy of Scheree Kosloski.

Found on a sweatshirt. 

September 2nd, 2004

Wouderful Trash Can

I use the kitchen trash: can’t stand all the comments… 


Photo courtesy of David Edelstein.

September 1st, 2004

Crappy Map

People in the lobby are complaining about the smell…


Photo courtesy of Jani Patokallio.

Map found in a Kansai Airport transit hotel.

August 31st, 2004

Hotel Light Panel

Oh great, a WMD in my hotel room…


Photo courtesy of Mark Massel.

Taken in a Beijing hotel room. 

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