November 28th, 2000

Angel Sweet Asse

What an Angel Sweet asse!


Photo courtesy of Mark Schreiber.

November 13th, 2000

Sincerely Gift

Sincerely Gift


Photo courtesy of John.

November 3rd, 2000

Danger Sign

Danger! Engrish is contained generously.


(Reportedly taken from a Fist of the

North Star ‘Violence Action Figure’)


Photo courtesy of Emar Zero.

October 23rd, 2000

Shining Elegance


Text reads:

Shining Elegance A high qualified feeling

which appeals to our mind.

An admirable elegance that makes us wide-eyed.

Authentic elegance has an

incredible power which changes the

surrounding atmosphere. THIS IS SUPER!

(Taken from the back of a frying pan)


Photo courtesy of  Gregory D. Brown.

October 15th, 2000

Porky Pork

I wonder if I can get this at my local Warner Brothers store… 


Photo courtesy of Jeff Tsai.

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